Wednesday, 4 July 2012

TV remote controlled robot

The most cheapest way of controlling  the devises through wireless is IR remote.Every one in the world will have a TV remote which works based on RC5 protocol or some equivalent protocol.I searched over the internet for a perfect TV remote signal decoder compatible with all sensor like TSOP  and other cheep TV sensor.I all ways thought of making such TV remote signal decoder.

But recently i found a TV signal decoder in Hyderabad.compatible with all most all TV remotes except for DVD,AC remotes.Actually it is a handmade one.I found it in a hobby shop.I bought for 295 Rs. i made some modifications regarding the power supply for direct 5V Vcc to the decoder module.
This  one outputs a 5 bit address,6 bit data,a toggle bit and a valued data bit.
One important thing is the output form the decoder module will produce active low logic
if we press "2" on the remote the 6 bit data will be"111101"
if we press "4" on the remote the 6 bit data will be"111011"
if we press "0" on the remote the 6 bit data will be"111111"

I made a robot using that module.

I used a ATmega8 development board with ob board programmer for driving the motors as per the logic.
I removed the address pins on the decoder module and i connected the 6 bit address to the PORTC of ATmega8 and an L293D is used for driving motors which is internally connected to PORTD  higher nibble on the development board.


chandrasekhar said...
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chandrasekhar said...

hi my name is chandu can u say how to dump the programm into the microcontroller atmega16 plz send replay to my no 8143766789 plz plz,..............

vamsi krishna said...

for dumping the code into microcontroller you will need a special programmer
but we made a robot development platform that can be easily programmed from you PC USB port
if you are intrested to buy one just mail me at

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