Hexapod Walking Robot

Robotics is a fascinating field of technology. Robots are being used to perform special tasks where it will be difficult for people. Designing a robot with specific features that aid the efficiency at work became a trend in the field. Engineers started making robots inspired by creatures to mimic certain abilities of them. Similarly inspired by insects our team engineered a hexapod robot. A robot that walk on six legs.

This hexapod robot workshop is designed to provide a complete hands on experience to the participants on building a hexapod robot using micro servo actuators. All teams participating the workshop are given training kits during the session to learn coding, robot assembly and motion planning in a practical approach.
This workshop will be conducted for 2 days (16 Hrs), with each day divided into 2 sessions.
The course content which will be followed for the workshop is as mentioned below:

Introduction to Robotics
Application of Robotics
Introduction to legged robots
Types of legged robots and their mechanical Model
 Passive Dynamic Walker
Basic parts of a Robot
Mechanical System
 Design Criteria
 Statics and dynamics of a legged robot
 Inverse Kinematics
 Gait Motion
Power Supply System
Servo motor
Digital and Analog Servo motors
DC motor
 Control System
 Microcontrollers and microprocessors
 Installing and using WinAVR
 Feed back sensors
Hands On Session
 Construction of the biped robot
 Programming the servo motors
 Writing EMBEDDED C code for the robot gait motion implementation.

Kit Contents:
Microcontroller Development board with the following features
8 bit Atmega8 Microcontroller
On-board regulated power supply
Exposed I/O pins of all ports
External Reset Switch
Dual Power supply (USB/battery)
On-Board Programmer
USB programmable INTERFACE
3 Servo Motors
Hexapod Setup
Set of connecting Wires
USB Cable
 Screw Driver
A set of Screws, nuts and bolts


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