This workshop has been designed by our team, keeping in mind the present technological developments happening in the industry. We provides technical workshops based on technology which won’t be obsolete for at least a few years. Here we are trying to train the budding engineers on a technology which opens up a new world for innovation. The applications are limitless on this technology.
In this workshop, named IoT (Internet of Things) the participants will be able to monitor/control devices over the internet. They will be provided with a Wi-Fi module which can be programmed to send and receive data over the internet by connecting itself to a Wi-Fi router or a mobile phone hotspot. The data can be read on a open source website designed specifically of IoT applications.
The participants will get hands on experience on programming the device, connecting digital and analog sensors whose data will be transmitted over the internet to the proprietary website. Also the participants will be able control output devices like actuator, leds , buzzer etc over the internet from the monitoring panel of the website.

Introduction to IoT
Applications of IoT
Current and future trends in IoT
IoT Architecture
Wireless protocols
Client Server Model
Telnet Communication
Protocols covered
AT Commands
Embedded C
Firmware Development
Hands on
Installing the tool chain
Embedded C programming
Programming the Wi-Fi Module
Interfacing digital sensors
Interfacing Analog sensor
Configuring Wi-Fi module either for Access Point Mode or Normal Node
Telnet communication between PC and WiFi module over a router
Using the URL for sending the data over the internet
Observing data on the internet
Controlling devices over the internet

Kit Contents:
Microcontroller Development board with the following features
8 bit Atmega8 Microcontroller
On-board regulated power supply
Exposed I/O pins of all ports
External Reset Switch
Dual Power supply (USB/battery)
On-Board Programmer
USB programmable INTERFACE
Wi-Fi module
Set of connecting Wires
USB Cable


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