I have been working on robots that walk, role...
so i always wanted to make a robot that actually swim...

For under water exploring and pollution monitoring this kind of robotic fishes can be used. This robot fish can be wireless operated using RF modules. So this robot can reach the depth that a human cannot.

In this project consists of an AVR 8 bit microcontroller is used. The platform is made up of metal geared motors. The motors are derived using H-bridge circuit. For supplying the power to the system a DC battery is used as source and a voltage regulator is used for providing 5V supply to the microcontroller. A temperature sensor can be used to record the temperature under the water. The temperature sensor produces analog value. So to digitise the signal an A/D converter is used. The temperature is stored in the internal memory of the microcontroller. This robotic fish is made up of light weight plastic material that can easily merge in water. RF wireless transmitter and receiver are used to operate the robot wirelessly.  


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