Robotics is the future of mankind. Where lots of difficult and hazardous tasks are being performed by robots, reducing the human causalities. Especially humanoid robots like ASIMO(Hundai) are walking around with us nowadays. When a smart phone is used along with a robot one can create miracles.So in this workshop we will interface a smart phone(android only) with a robot platform using Bluetooth technology.

The students attending the workshop will be able to connect their robots to smart phone and will be able to control it even with your voice command. Not just playing a virtual games using accelerometer of your phone, you can control your robot by tilting your smart phone. Our workshop is purely based on the practical approach of robot design with hands on session where every team will be given spare parts to build a robot and practice the coding on it. 

 This workshop will be conducted for 2 days (16 Hrs), with each day divided into 2 sessions.In this workshop,  the different robots which will be built are as mentioned below;

The course content which will be followed for the workshop is as mentioned below:-
Introduction to autonomous robotics (controller based)
Artificial Intelligence
Advantages of controller based robots
Basic parts of a Robot
Mechanical System
Power Supply System
Control System
             Microcontrollers and microprocessor
                          Installing and using WinAVR
Bluetooth and SPP protocol
             Building different sensors
             Concept of a compactor
Hands On Session
Mechanical assembly of the robot
Dumping the hex file into the controller
I/O operations
Actuator Test
Writing program for the different types of robots

Kit Contents:

Microcontroller Development board with the following features
8 bit Atmega8 Microcontroller
On-board regulated power supply
Exposed I/O pins of all ports
External Reset Switch
Dual Power supply (USB/battery)
On-Board USB Programmer

Bluetooth module
2 gared DC Motors and motor drivers
Robot chase, wheels caster wheels
Batteries and connecting wires
Set of connecting Wires
USB Cable
Screw Driver
A set of Screws, nuts and bolts


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