Whenever we hear the word robot, we imagine a walking human like machine. Designing a robot that can walk on two legs is every young robotics enthusiast's dream. But it is not a dream anymore, as our team has put together a workshop module on "BIPED" robots. The word "bi" means "two" and "ped" means “legs”.

This workshop is designed to provide a complete hands on experience to the participants on building a biped robot using micro servo actuators. All teams participating the workshop are given training kits during the session to learn coding, robot assembly and motion planning in a practical approach.
This workshop will be conducted for 2 days (16 Hrs), with each day divided into 2 sessions.
The course content which will be followed for the workshop is as mentioned below:


  •  I   Introduction to Robotics
  •        Application of Robotics 
  •       Introduction to legged robots

Types of legged robots and their mechanical Model

  •       Biped
  •       Quadruped
  •        Hexapod
  •        Leg-Wheel
  •        Passive Dynamic Walker

  Basic parts of a Robot

        Mechanical System

  •       Design Criteria
  •       Statics and dynamics of a legged robot
  •     Inverse Kinematics
  •     Gait Motion

             Power Supply System


  •         Servo motor
  •         Digital and Analog Servo motors
  •         DC motor

         Control System

  •      Microcontrollers and microprocessors
  •      Installing and using WinAVR

       Feed back sensors 

        Hands On Session

  •      Construction of the biped robot
  •         Programming the servo motors
  •         Writing EMBEDDED C code for the robot gait motion implementation.

Kit Contents:

  Microcontroller Development board with the following features

  •        8 bit Atmega8 Microcontroller
  •         On-board regulated power supply
  •          Exposed I/O pins of all ports
  •           External Reset Switch
  •           Dual Power supply (USB/battery)
  •          On-Board Programmer
  •      USB programming cable

           4 Servo Motors BIPED SETUP Set of connecting Wires USB Cable Screw Driver
                                          A set of Screws, nuts and bolts


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