POV LED Display


This workshop target on reveling the technique behind the display devices. A naked human eye cant visualize a set of indivudual frames sliding over higher rate than the magic number of frames per second. Instead our mind visualizes it as a continious motion picture. In this workshop participents will be developing a rotating LED display that only uses 8 LEDs on it and that can display a message as long as 20 alphabets.
This workshop was developed for beginers in order to get femiliar with Embedded C programming language using AVR 8 bit microcontrollers. This worksho purely targets on handon approach so that participents can get better understanding of embedded C programming.

1. Introduction POV
1.1 what is POV
1.2 truths and myths
1.3 why 24 frames
1.4 What we can do with POV?
2. Source of light: LEDs and Basic electronics
2.1 Basic electronics
2.2 Diode and LED
2.3 How to configure an LED(active low and active high logics)
3. Microcontroller
3.1 Introduction
3.2 AVR ATmega8
3.3 ATmega8 I/O pins and features
3.4 ADC
3.5 Minimum circuit configuration
4. Interfacing
4.1 LED interfacing
4.2 Potentiometer interfacing with ADC 
5. Programming Tools
5.1 WinAVR introduction
5.2 Programming in C
5.3 Conditional statements and loops
5.4 Example programs
5.5 Burning the code into controller
6. Implementation of POV algorithm
6.1 Mechanical arrangement

6.2 Logic to display a character
6.3 Delay calculations from speed and length of rotating arm
7. Troubleshooting and calibrating
8. Applications

Kit content

1.     POV development kit with on board USB programmer
2.     Rotating base
3.     Battery setup
4.     Connecting wires
5.     Usb programming cable



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