Monday, 12 March 2012

soccer playing robot

recently i made a soccer playing robot
this BOT can KICK the ball up to seven meters
i made it using two AT89S51 micro controllers(one at RX and one at TX)
433RF modules for communications
a 16000 RPM dc motor is used in front to kick the ball
for motor driving L293D motor drivers are used
catch the video in youtube

another view of the robot

it is controlled by a RF remote controller made by using AT89S51 microcontroller
it transmit a four bit code.because i used HT12E for encoding HT12D for decoding these
are four bit data and 8 bit address encoders. for motor driving two L293D motor drivers are used in it


Unknown said...

its a good site for all basic information to learn!!!

Unknown said...

Can u plz send c code for propeller clock using atmega16 and some other sample codes

Unknown said...

please send me the code to disply msg using propeller at 9559352116 or email me at

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